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Jul 20

Playing Dress-up

I was invited to a 21st Birthday a few months ago and was under the impression that it was next Saturday night…until it dawned on me yesterday that I had approximately an hour and a half to cobble together a fancy dress outfit.


I contemplated hippie since I knew I could do that quickly with many items I already had but I settled on a nautical sailor theme and was torn between two outfits..



I settled on the second one, since it seemed more fun and colourful. I managed to use the much lusted after, sold out Topshop Riviera Skirt and paired it with a button down tee and a sailor necktie that belonged to a dress I bought many years ago on ebay. That last photo was taken at 3am when I got home, now thats dedication!

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Jul 18



Life has kept me busy these last few weeks, I have decorated the living room, worked a lot, and got a new job! (Yes, I got the Benefit cosmetics job!)

I went to meet the manager for my store approval this morning and when I got home it was miserable, cold and pouring down with rain. I really wanted to feel warm and cosy so I settled for a grey knitted dress that worn alone is pretty body-con but over my tiered floral skirt is comfy and slouchy. 


I’m getting kind of sick of my hair cut, I want to grow it but something just isn’t right..maybe I need to trim my fringe? I have no idea. 

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Jul 10

Shopping Hell

My lack of posts this week can be attributed to me hunting high and low for the perfect black outfit to wear to my forthcoming interview with Benefit. I never wear all black, and so the black pieces I do wear are all varying shades of black and can’t be worn together. I never wear trousers either, which makes this almost impossible. I only wear trousers when forced to, since they really don’t flatter my body shape (tiny waist and huge hips) dresses just look so much better! 

I found some cute dresses online at ASOS but they were of course out of stock in most sizes! All the shops are filled with pretty dresses in fun summer colours and all the black dresses/tops are too night time. I spent a humid evening in the Trafford Centre for 5 hours the other night, to no real results. I walked away with a £15 top and a £55 dress, and when I got home I didn’t feel particularly good in either. I’m going to try and figure out an outfit today, wish me luck!

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Jul 03

Dear Fashion Gods

Please let me find £60 down the side of the sofa?

Don’t worry, I totes have some spare change for the P&P


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Jun 30


I am a Benefit JUNKIE! I have been seriously addicted to their products forever, and recently I decided to take the next step and apply for a job with them, since everytime I go to one of their counters the staff seem to really enjoy themselves.

I sent my resume to them, not knowing if there were any positions available but I just had a telephone interview with them and was successful. I have been invited to a Benefit audition and I’m so excited! I am so passionate about their products and I really hope I get through. Keep them crossed! I have read all about the interview process and how tough it is (its all about getting people to sit down for makeovers and sell sell sell) but that doesn’t faze me too much. Anyway..

To celebrate I thought I would share my favourite Benefit products with you all. I know this is strictly a fashion blog, but I think a post about beauty products is acceptable :)

Some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker that is super light but conceals. My only complaint about this is how quickly I use it up.


Benetint - This makes me look super duper healthy no matter how hungover, tired or sick I may feel - miracle!


High Beam - an amazing highlighter that is also great mixed with mosturiser, foundation or even benetint to make you glow.


Hollywood Glo - Makes you look radiant and moviestaresque. Put on over makeup or wear alone if you’re going au naturale.

Sorry this is such a fangirl post, but I’m practicing my hard sell! Wish me luck!

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Cath Kidston

I headed down to my local Tesco last week to purchase the copious amounts of ice cream for my Gossip Girl marathon and Becki and I were pleased to see the Cath Kidston designed bags were in store!




The bags are meant to be re-useable grocery bags but I think they would be cute and practical for hauling all those books and files around uni. At £3.50 the bags (made from recycled plastic bottles) are a lot cheaper than anything you could find in an actual Cath Kidston store and at least 50p from each purchase goes to fund cancer research. I bought the floral bag and intend to get the polkadot one as soon as I can get my hands on it. The prints are limited edition, and there are four more designs being released before Christmas.

Speaking of Cath Kidston, I saw this cute fabric on her online store that would make an adorable dress, but I just can’t justify the price tag, its pretty ridiculous. Looks like a trip to Abakhan might be in the works on Tuesday to find something similar!


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Jun 29

So sad.

Rushlana Korshunova died after falling from her 9th floor apartment in Manhattans financial district yesterday in an apparent suicide. So so sad. She was only twenty.





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He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.


Today I cleaned by trusty sewing machine in preparation for the intense Summer I intend to put it through. My ‘brother’ who is older than me but fabulous and functioning was kindly donated to me by my Great Aunt (a sewing WHIZZ) 

Here’s to a fun Summer!

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Jun 26

I decided to distract myself from the pouring rain (it should be summer now!) and I had a Gossip Girl marathon  with my friend Becki served with copious amounts of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. If it isn’t sunny outside, I will try to inject some sunshine into my outfit!

Wearing this skirt just makes me want to twirl!

I finally tidied my room and had a big spring clean so these photos were taken in my room for the first time!

Top - H&M

Skirt - Vintage via ebay

Belt - Primark

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Jun 25

I must apologise for being a bad blogger this week. I haven’t had that much to do and yet somehow my days seem really full with hardly any room for fun at all. No real outfit posts to show you since whenever I leave the house I am in my work uniform and look like this.


This past weekend Alex and I went meandering around Manchester for the day and we ended up in the Matthew Williamson exhibition in Urbis. I have been meaning to check it out for ages but never really got around to it. It did of course have the pretty dresses and some catwalk videos but I can’t say I wanted to spend all day in there.

Sorry I don’t have much else to post! I’m trying to spend less money at the moment so I dug out my sewing machine and have found some tutorials to make some cute summer skirts. I’ll keep you all posted!

If you haven’t already, you should check out Buzz Paradise and become a Buzz Angel!

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